EcoStiletto: Okay, let’s get to the good stuff. Do you ever wear eco-friendly clothing?

Izabella Miko: Especially when I do red carpet events, I try to wear something from an eco-designer. There aren’t that many amazing eco-designers out there but I’m working with a Polish designer, she made me a dress out of recycled teddy bear eyes.

ES: Oh my gosh! Have you worn it yet?

IM: Yes I actually wore it to the premiere of “The Cape.” It was so funny. They actually move when I move, so it’s kind of freaky. And it’s a statement, which is great. Because I was on “Extra” or something and I got to talk about being green and recycling. This is exactly what I want.

For me, it’s a conversation piece and something that I love to talk about it. Sometimes it’s more of a statement, some shock value—I’ll do it. Because I believe that if I have a voice I’m definitely going to use it for the right thing.

I’m a true believer in re-using clothes. I take old dresses to my tailor and he makes me new things that I designed. I never throw out anything. I have a big family and I give to everyone; some things I take to a homeless shelter. It would break my heart to have to throw anything out.

ES: What about vintage? Any thrift-store or online vintage finds you’re particularly proud of?

IM: Absolutely. I love vintage. Especially if I do wear leather, it’s got to be vintage. I won’t buy a leather jacket unless I find an old one in a vintage store. I love it. I love secondhand shops because you can really find unique things.

ES: Do you have any favorite eco-friendly fashion labels that you can share with us? What about the designer who made the eye dress?

IM: It’s Malgorzata Dudek. And there’s Vegan Queen, who makes good purses.