An ecomom Star is someone who looks at the world and says not, “Something must be done” but asks rather, “What can I do?” An ecomom Star is someone who, day after day, shows up in the best way she (or he) can, to support more healthy, happy, and sustainable living on this planet we all share. Meet today’s ecomom Star Izabella Miko.

I first met Izabella when we were both presenters at Kris Wiley’s Women of the Green Generation Conference. I watched her panel and was impressed with her witty, positive and can-do approach. With a sassy “don’t tell me we can’t do this” attitude, Miko encourages everyone that little things add up to big change. Toward this, she founded the EkoMiko Organization and created EkoMiko Candles, which we’re thrilled to carry on ecomom, because the girl walks her talk.

Izabella made sure the candles are manufactured with ecologically sound, socially just, and economically responsible international standards, including EcoCert, QAI Certified Organic, and made with a non-GMO, pesticide free, vegetable, raw coconut wax blend. To illustrate the beauty of repurposing over recycling, they come in glass containers made from reclaimed wine, water, and trademark bottles rescued from the North American waste stream. Here the inspiring (and inspired!) entrepreneur answers our ecomom Star questions….

Q. What is your favorite word and why?
Consciousness. It represents being present, being awake. Affirms that Everything we do matters – the actions we take, the things we buy, what we say, what we think. Everything that we do has consequences. We live in an overwhelming world that’s so easy to get lost in. We think we don’t have any power. But we do. I try to be conscious of everything around me and focus on whatever task I’m doing to give it all of my energy and attention. This practice of consciousness lets me control my thoughts, emotions and feelings which brings a tremendous amount of power into my life.

Q. Most embarrassing moment as a mom/dad/aunt/uncle?
Last time I was in Poland, I was riding an elevator full of strangers with my niece and out of nowhere she said “My auntie Izabella here is a big Hollywood actress and she has the cutest butt”….there was such silence, followed by snickers from people around me. I was blushing for days! My niece truly is my #1 fan!

Q. What does being an ecomom mean to you?
I’m not a mom just yet, but someday I will be. I’m afraid that I will have my baby on a leash and a harness, yanking it away from anything that could potentially have traces of chemicals. I will probably become a bit psycho, I can see that happening…but on a serious note – I think being an ecomom stands for doing your best to bring your baby up in the most natural, sustainable, positive and fearless world. Teaching your kids, that we are just borrowing the planet from our grandkids not owning it.

Q. What is your favorite snack?
A. Vegan Cheesy kale chips that I bake myself at home. The “cheese” is made out of cashews, peppers, nutritional east. The key is to set it to the lowest temperature possible and bake it for 5-6 hours..

Q. What or who inspires you the most?
A. People who are passionate about what they do…whether you are a lawyer, shoemaker or ecomom. It’s so inspiring to see someone take joy and be absolutely present and passionate when they work.

Q. What is your idea of perfect happiness?
A. Being able to still your mind and make the gaps between your thoughts into long moments. Creating peace and bliss without a need of external circumstances, people or even self approval….when I get there, I’ll let you know:-) I’m working on it…

Q. What is your favorite ecomom Approved product(s)?
A. Well, I have to say the EkoMiko Candles…of course!